Because of the Tau’s resemblance to the cross, this sign was very dear to St. Francis of Assisi. In him the ancient prophetic sign was actualized, regained its saving power and expressed the beatitude of poverty, which is an essential element of the Franciscan way of life. Our logo incorporates the Tau and the Earth to represent our commitment to the people of the world and our stewardship of the Earth.

Our medical donors have medical equipment they no longer need in their facilities, or they have excess materials they must dispose of or recycle. Much of the equipment is still in perfect working condition but is being replaced in favor of newer models. The medical facilities could destroy and dispose of the outdated equipment, but The Franciscan Mission Warehouse offers them a better, less expensive, and environmentally responsible opportunity to get rid of their outdated equipment and help people around the world.

Sister Andrea Kantner served as a missionary teacher in Brazil from 1977 to 1995. After returning to the Convent in Independence Missouri, she and the other Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Eucharist  began sending much needed supplies to friends and villages in Brazil

FMW has shipped thousands of tons of medical equipment to more than 30 countries around the world.  Helping to set up hospitals and clinics in remote parts of the world provides medical treatment for hundreds of thousands of people annually. These are people who might not otherwise receive medical treatment at all.  The Franciscan Mission Warehouse provides an environmentally responsible option for medical facilities to dispose of excess materials. Volunteers find the Warehouse a pleasant place to spend time serving others. The recipients of the shipments are able to provide improved medical treatment and respect to the people in their areas. And, of course, the lives of those patients are changed significantly.  This is who we are.

where Sr. Andrea had worked.  These small shipments grew over the years until, in 2000, they had to build a warehouse in which to stage the materials they were sending. The mission continued to grow, serving people in need in other countries around the world.

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