Since 1993, the Franciscan Mission Warehouse has made over 280 shipments to needy communities in 32 countries around the world.  Some were on our own and some were in collaboration with other like-minded organizations from around the US.  To see the details of the shipments, click on a year in the column to the left

In 2018, we plan to ship another 12-14 containers.  We have plenty of supply from area hospitals and clinics.  There is certainly sufficient demand for what we do.  The limiting factor is, of course, the funding.  Each shipments has an average cost of $17,000.  We do what we do with the support of people like you.

In 2017, FMW shipped fourteen 40' containers of medical equipment and supplies to developing areas around the world.  We colaborated with other organizations on 21 additional shipments.  This totaled more than 160 tons of materials repurposed to help those in need.