The Franciscan Mission Warehouse collects surplus medical equipment and supplies, making them available to set up and support medical facilities in the poorest parts of the world.  A support shipment typically consists of a 40' shipping container that holds up to 30, 000 pounds of medical equipment and supplies.  To request a support shipment, please click the link to the form and fill it out completely.  Once the Support Request Form is submitted, it will be evaluated and we will contact you with further instructions.

Although we do not charge for the equipment or supplies we provide, we do ask that you help with the expense of getting the shipment to you.  On average, the cost of shipping a container is  about $17,000.  
You will be responsible for a portion of those costs.
$5,200  Operations Cost
$6,300  Shipping Cost
$3,500  Customs and taxes
$2,000  Delivery to destination